Dongguan AONI PU/PVC/PO Suction sponge wheel maintenance and precautions
Column:technology share Time:2017-07-07
PU/PVC/PO absorbent sponge roller before use instructions:

1.Suction sponge wheel, shaft to avoid friction on the sponge gap, shortening product life;

2.Storage can not be stored sunlight and maintain indoor temperature of 25 degrees, to avoid yellow oxidation;

3.Before installing the product to global water 30-60 minutes to activate the stomata, hand squeeze water after use;
   (the water squeezing time is longer, the better.)

4.After stopping, suction sponge roller should be placed in pure water soak, extrusion residue to maintain use,

5.Avoid sponge appear moldy, aging phenomenon; (prone to fall off, shedding phenomenon)

6.Suction sponge wheel hardening, roller adsorption particles and the crystal water drops,
   The vent hole plug hardening, use ultrasonic cleaning equipment to discharge impurities roller;

The above suggestions to ensure the service life of the absorbent sponge roller, need careful attention.