PU polyurethane material introduction
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Polyurethane (Abbreviation: PU)

The main material is introduced and application scope of the industry

   Polyurethane is a kind of polymer containing NHCOO - repeating structural units in the main chain, PU,
   including rigid polyurethane plastics, flexible polyurethane plastics, polyurethane elastomers and other forms,

   It is divided into two categories: thermoplastic and thermosetting. The raw material is usually in resin state,
   In addition to being a single component material, polyurethane and other materials can also generate hybrid composite materials.

   The commonly used monomers such as toluene diisocyanate, two diphenyl methane diisocyanate.
   Polyols can be divided into 3 categories: simple Polyols (ethylene glycol, glycerol etc.);
   polyester oligomer containing terminal hydroxyl groups, used in the preparation of polyester polyurethane;

   With terminal hydroxyl polyether oligomer, used for the preparation of polyether polyurethane.
   Polymerization method with different material properties. Synthetic elastomer before preparation of low molecular weight diols,
   then reacted with excess aromatic or aliphatic isocyanate,   
   Generation of isocyanate (-NCO) terminated prepolymer and polyol, chain extender, thermoplastic elastomer obtained by two yuan;
   if the diamine chain extender and further crosslinking, get casting elastomer.
   The prepolymer with hydrazine or two diamine chain extender by elastic fiber;

   The more excess isocyanate prepolymer and catalyst, foaming agent, foam can be obtained directly.
   As hard monomer, polyether, water, catalyst mixing, one-step reaction can be obtained from the soft foam.   

   The reaction of monomer and polyol in the solution can be obtained by adhesive coating;
   isocyanate monomer and low molecular weight polyester or polyether in the use of mixing and reaction.

   The polyurethane elastomer used for roller, conveyor belts, hoses, auto parts, shoe, synthetic leather,
   artificial organs and medical cable; soft foam for vehicles, bedroom, clothing lining, rigid foam for insulation,
   sound-absorbing, packaging, insulation and low foaming composite wood, paint for advanced vehicles, furniture wood,
   and metal door, pond dam and building waterproofing materials, and fabric coating. The adhesive to metal, glass,
   ceramics, leather, fiber has good adhesion. In addition can also be made of polyurethane emulsion, magnetic materials and so on.

  Our Dongguan Aoni polymer Mstar Technology Ltd is now the main material of soft polyurethane foam (hardness controllable range of 10-70 DEG),
  with high absorbency and hydrophilicity, high temperature 120 degrees, high acid and alkali resistance, soft hard deformation,
  natural materials can be naturally decomposed, strong oil absorption, existing products: industrial water sponge roller
  (also known as: absorbent sponge roller, sponge roller, sponge stick, cleaning sponge roller and so on), Rubystick clean cotton swab head,
  cosmetic puff -Rubycell cushion sheet, anti-static conductive roller (applied to the printer Liquid crystal glass, etc.)
  is widely used, is currently being developed for the development of women's bra fever type material PU.

   One.The specific application of all kinds of polyurethane material is:

   1.Flexible PU

   ship dunnage-Seat, sofa, mattress, pillow, soft polyurethane foam is a kind of ideal pad material,
   soft foam pad material is also the largest amount of applications;

   damping material-The soft polyurethane foam with opening has good sound absorption and shock absorption function,
   and can be used as indoor sound insulation material;

   Fabric composites- Bra pads, sponge, sponge; toys.

   2.Rigid PU

         Refrigeration equipment-Refrigerator, freezer, refrigerator, refrigerator car, rigid polyurethane foam insulation material is the most ideal refrigeration equipment;

        Industrial insulation equipment-Storage tanks, containers, pipes, etc;

       construction material-In developed countries, building hard polyurethane hard foam accounted for the total consumption of about 70%,
       refrigerators, freezers and other hard foam dosage more than doubled;
       in China, application of rigid foam in construction industry is still not as common in western developed countries,

  So the development potential is very large.

     Imitation wood-High density (density 300~700kg/m3) rigid polyurethane foam or glass fiber reinforced rigid foam is a kind of structure of PU foam, also known as imitation wood,
     with high strength, good toughness, skin tight tenacity, simple molding process, high production efficiency, high strength comparable to natural wood,
     natural wood density ratio is low, can as a high-end product replacement of wood.

    Flower industry-PU flower pots, flower arrangement, mud, etc.
Semi-rigid PU

 Energy absorbing foam -Energy absorbing foams have excellent shock absorption and cushioning properties,
 good compressive resistance and resilience, and their most typical application is the preparation of bumpers for automobiles;

 ntegral Skin Foam -For the preparation of the steering wheel, handrails and other functional parts and internal decoration.
Reaction Injection Moulding process technology

 4.PU Elastomers

 Casting polyurethane elastomer (CPU)- is the most widely used polyurethane elastomer, a maximum yield;

 Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) -
 thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer accounted for about 25% of the total amount of polyurethane elastomer;

 Mixing polyurethane elastomer (MPU), accounting for about 10% of the total amount of polyurethane elastomer.

 Microcellular elastomer -- polyurethane microcellular elastomer, the most typical application is used for shoemaking

 Application in mining industry - Sieve plate, shaking table, etc.;

 In the application of mechanical industry - Cots, tape, seal etc.

 The application in the automobile industry - Tyres, seals, bumpers, cushions, pipes, belts, shock springs, etc.;

 Application in the light industry - Polyurethane sole material, polyurethane synthetic leather, polyurethane fibre

 Applications in the construction industry - Thermal insulation material, waterproof material, paving material, potting material, etc.

 5.Shoe Sole

 Polyurethane sole has many advantages: low density, texture is soft, comfortable and easy to wear;
 good dimensional stability, long storage life; excellent abrasion resistance, bending resistance performance;
 excellent shock absorption, anti slip performance; good heat resistance; good chemical resistance and so on.
 The polyurethane used for the manufacture of high-grade leather shoes, sports shoes, travel the shoe.

 Two, the application in daily life is:

 The furniture industry application

 1. sofa, 2. mattresses, 3. adhesive, 4. paint, paint 5., 6. seat armrest

 Appliance application

 1. refrigerators, freezers, disinfection cabinets, water heaters, etc., 2. wire and cable sheath,
 3. electrical insulation paint, 4. washing machines, electronic devices and waterproof potting

 Construction application

  1. building wall insulation, roof waterproof sealant 2., 3., 4. adhesive, 5. exterior wall paint, 6. floor paint, 7. synthetic wood,
  8. waterproof plugging agent, 9. bridge insulation pouring type bridge Aluminum Alloy window,
 10. glass fiber reinforced polyurethane plastic floor doors and windows, 11.Plastic floor.

  The transportation industry application

  1. car: seats, armrest, headrest, door panel, instrument panel, steering wheel, shock pad; exterior parts: bumper, fender,
  2. carpet lining, paint, insulation pipe, 3. parts, 4. sealing washer, 5. chains


  Shoemaking, leather industry application

  1. soles, 2. adhesive, 3. leather finishing agent, 4. artificial leather, synthetic leather coating


  The application of sports industry

  Plastic sports venues (basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis), sportswear (dance clothes, swimming suits), sports shoes, scooters

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