Dongguan Aoni polymer material Co Ltd
our independent technology research and development of polyurethane foam molding technology of porous material;
porous high density micro pores, keep high dry soft, high elasticity, no deformation, excellent water absorption and water lock effect;
high permeability will not appear dust, dander off. Acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance effect, meet the requirements of environmental protection and natural pollution-free decomposition;
for different kinds of products and applications.


Business Products

Dongguan AONI Rubystick clean anti-static clean cotton head series

Clean, wipe, adsorb liquid, swab, strip, sheet

For the industry: sports, medical, makeup, headphones, analgesic stickers paint

Dongguan AONI Rubycell PU hybrid sheet series

High flexibility, high adsorption properties, no dust, no chip, sponge, flake use

For the industry: clothing industry, filters, cosmetics, medical, health supplies

Dongguan AONI PU/PVC/PO/PP/PVA Suction sponge roller series (Technoporous roller)
Water absorbing, oil absorbing, cleaning, wiping, coating, liquid wiping absorbent sponge roller

For the industry: electronic components, electronic components, electroplating, removal of liquid, coating, food, glass cleaning, absorption of liquid



Dongguan Aoni polymer Mstar Technology Ltd (referred to as: Dongguan AONI) the company was established in 2007 with registered capital of 1 million 100 thousand, is located in Dongguan City Wanjiang Industrial Zone, the main development of polyurethane sponge products have many years of experience, the main products: PU/PVC/PO/ PVA/PP absorbent sponge wheel (also known as: absorbent sponge roller, absorbent sponge roller  Technoporous roller), Rubystick clean wipe clean cotton swab head, the advantage of high density, water absorption resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, not dry, suitable for printed circuit board industry (PCBFPC), James Fabric equipment, anti-static dust-free industry, cosmetics industry, printer supplies, glass, LED, tablet, clothing, medical, automotive, building and other fields in different industries, our tenet is quality products, quality service, customer support by all walks of life, hope and the major customers to create business opportunities!
Product supply factory: South Asia, Jing Wang, Ming Xing, Li Yuan and other PCB, FPC manufacturers